Pendan Craft

A Traditional Witchcraft For People Who Dislike Gender, Sex and Reproduction

This path was developed as the answer to a question:

How do I participate in a traditional, witchcraft path, without participating in gendered rituals or myths that don't reflect my life?

I wanted very much to join a lineage, have a book of rituals and practices, be Part Of Something, do Proper Non-Eclectic Witchcraft - but I did not find what I sought. Specifically:

My hope is that Landcrafting will inspire others, to either follow this path or borrow bits and make their own. It's not divinely inspired - I can't claim any mystical insights or prophetic dreams. It just reflects the kind of witchcraft I want to do. Its probably very similar to paths others already follow - I just feel happier having a name for what I do, and a sense of lineage and community. Perhaps you, too, will feel more empowered by having a sense of authority, and a step-by-step guide, and permission to do things differently.

Fertility imagery is only one, rather ahistorical way of doing traditional witchcraft.


Last Updated: April 2018.

This website only looks old because I think Geocities was the apex of web elegance
and because my first Pagan steps were taken on shitty geocities websites with rotating pentagram gifs,
and I miss that time.