An Incomplete List Of The Powers

The Powers of Landcrafting are drawn from British folklore, culture, tradition, and- occasionally - history.

Here are some of the key Courts the path recognises. Remember, you can work with any of these Courts - or none of them. These Courts are listed for organisational sense - in practice, you will likely mix it up. It is most important to remember that none of these figures are “mandatory”. The Landweird is contradictory, shifting and strange, and each of us will have different awarenesses of it. Figures I see as central may not exist for you, and vice versa. That's OK, because the work we does expresses a deeper truth about the land, even if we don't agree on the details.

Local and Animist Powers

Or, whoever is waiting right outside your front doorstep. Could be ghosts, fey creatures, landwights, or literally anything else. Don't overlook these, as they are likely to be your closest allies and have the most power to aid you due to proximity. Some form of ancestor spirits are likely in this category, including non-blood-quasi-ancestors (for example, authors, activists, early figures etc). The Spider Queen. The Elm tree in your garden. The Moss. There are many nameless spirits

The Sabbat Court

Drawn directly from accounts of the witch trials. Dancing naked is optional.

The Fairy Court

Many fairy tales are thought to be surviving myths of gods.

The Woodland Court

Figures which formed the image of the Horned God.

The Court of Arthur

And other mythic English kings.

The Christian Saints

Some are thought to be built on top of older mythic figures.

The Courts of the Irish, Welsh and English Gods

The Tuatha de Danaan, the Mabinogion, and playing pantheon dot-to-dot.

Wider Welsh Mythology

Those weird bits of the Mabinogion that don't quite fit.

The Courts of the Celtic and Gaulish Gods

Or, reconstructing ritual from a single name on one cup in southern Belgium.

The Courts Abroad

Roman and Norse pantheons are also recognised in Landcrafting, due to our history of being invaded. But Britain has always been so multicultural, so many gods have been brought here, that you should not be surprised to also meet figures from all over the world walking the hills.

The Guardians

The Hunter, The Weaver, The Singer, The Soldier. Many of our ancient roles will have Powers that have attached themselves, hold secrets, and take an interest in parts of the human experience.

A Catchall Page For Other Courts

Beowulf, Tolkien, stuff I couldn't make fit. Watership Down and Wind in the Willows count. I think about the ways that we sung of England's Dreaming in the 60s and 70s, that pastoral cultural moment between the hippies and punk, with like Led Zeppelin and the rest rediscovering Lord of the Rings as free-love psychedelia, and Syd Barrett singing about the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, that we can really tap into. Yes, the term "Court" had something to do with me listening to the Court of the Crimson King one too many times. We are pop culture positive, because the Landweird speaks to artists too, and reveals itself through them.

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