Key Ideas in Landcrafting

Landcrafting is:

The tradition was designed and developed by me, for my personal use. It's inspired by various pre-existing traditions, but shuffled around to better reflect my life and my understanding of the divine. However, I wanted to write it down so it felt "formal", instead of being a clutch of eclectic stuff; and because the act of writing helps me flesh out & guide what I'm thinking and doing. And once it was longer than a few pages - it matched my open source values best to stick it online. Make of it what you will.

I'd be delighted if people saw some value in it, and chose to adopt bits of it into their practice - or the whole thing. However, I want to reject a Pope-y role as far as possible - so feel empowered to take this and run with it. I love having conversations and sharing ideas, so if you want to ask questions, offer ideas, or just chit chat - please join me at

Development is a work in progress - essentially as I live this path. Bits are being added all the time - and also removed, so save to your hard-drive anything you especially like just in case my practice moves away from that part of the tradition in future. Expect gaps, inconcistencies, and things that feel unfinished.

And thank you. Welcome all, and cheers for taking an interest. I hope this will be helpful to some readers.

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