Once upon a time in the heart of the British countryside there lived a fair maiden, who try as she might could not fit into the world around her. Wherever she would turn a great darkness would follow. Then one night she had a strange dream and was told that the answers to all her problems lay within the land around her. She was told the truth was in the soil.

This is the very beginning of the revamped Fencraft pages, and until I figure out whether I really do want to move my wordpress over here or not; for the time being it'll just have assorted papers.

The Reading List

Version 1 of the Big Fencraft Reading List

Do you like folklore? Want to learn about the history of magic? Enjoy 1970s pastoral weird counterculture or creepy children's television?

Are you absolutely horrified by the immensity of the ocean and want to prod that feeling with a stick until it starts creeping up on you as you walk down the street unexpectedly, the knowledge that the sea is just there, fathomlessly deep and impossibly cold, and more mysterious to us than the moon?

You'll fit right in! ~200 recommendations for music, movies, and books

Never not be sure what to do on ritual night when you're too sleepy again! Reading texts with a spiritual mood is a kind of meditative act to keep the invisible world in mind.

Last updated: November 2021

Sounds of the Fen

Some of my favourite albums: pastoral, proggy, folky, pagan and hauntological.

Last updated: December 2021

Tarot Spreads

Key to the King's Hall: Beowulf-flavoured layout for looking at stability and hidden dangers in the dark

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