Getting Started

I have struggled a lot over the last year to wrangle this material into the "right" order to learn; it's so innate and unwieldy in my heart now, I want to impart everything all at once. Anyway, here's a roadmap. Like all such things, this path must be *walked* - you discover the divine by doing the things, not by reading my notes.

LESSON 0: Fencraft 101

You have probably already read the site through once or twice. Begin your study by re-reading these sections:

The pages describe our fundamental aesthetic & spiritual sense; if you read these pages and become excited, then you're our sort of person.

This page gives you an overview of how we practice. Fencraft can include Nature Religion, Occult Magic, Mystic Spiritwork - you can combine all three, study one at a time, or just do one of them. This page helps you organise your thinking & working.


There's no real work associated with this lesson - just re-read the resources, and get a couple of notebooks. You will need a calendar, diary, or planner for tracking time with, as well as one "journal" notepad for reflections & thoughts, at least one commonplace Move on when you are ready.

You can download and print our optional Lesson Tracker, a tick-chart for all the activities in this course. I like a good tick chart.

LESSON 1: The Core Practices

Start the three core practices:

Make a plan and a commitment. All three are new habits, so start one at a time and start slow. Don't overcommit and get disheartened. For example:

Let them inform one another. Things you see or consider on Walks may prompt your curiosity to Read about. Disconnecting will leave you with considerable free time, in which to fit your Walking and Reading.

Start with my Reading List – but consider local folklore too. When you Read, take note of snippets you could use in ritual & meditate on its lessons. Pursue the fiction and lore which makes you feel witchy and wonderful.

Keep notes, if you like. All three activities will prompt ideas, so get them on paper.


After a month, assess your progress. If you have made some improvement at at least one of the three, you are ready to start the next lesson.

You don't want to get "stuck" at this stage. Too many magical courses start with a month of daily meditation. If you haven't made as much progress as you would like, then pick *one* of the three Practices only, and make a less ambitious plan for following it. You may also progress too the next level.

You will continue doing these practices for the rest of your participation in the tradition. Get


Continue doing your Walking, Reading and Disconnection.

The Unearthly Powers

The Unearthly Powers are our key organising idea - like the Four Elements. Understanding the world and the Powers as manifestations of these ideas are key for getting into our groove.

1. Read about the Unearthly Powers. Take notes, if that's your jam.

2. Assemble influences and ideas associated with each Power. You can look at our Commonplace Books as a starting point, but also begin to create your own.

3. Start observing their influence in your Reading and life. For example:

4. Triangle casts. Once you are comfortable with the basics of Unearthly Powers, learn how to set up a basic triangle cast.

Set a schedule for this practice - for example, you could take a month to cast a Solar triangle once per week, and schedule in some Solar activities during that time.
You are ready MONTH 3 Read about the States. Start observing them on your Walks and in your Reading. MONTH 4 Start identifying Powers you might be interested in working with. (If you’re not ready? This is OK. Continue the three practices.) Use what you have learnt about the States to define a practice cycle for them across a month and year. What are their temporal correpondances? What are their aspects? What are their Unearthly elements? Draw from your Reading and Walking for imagery and words. Design a simple observance that can be repeated. Do not stop Reading, Walking or Disconnecting – these are our fundamental Mooting