What's new on the site? What's still to do?

(Why keep a changelog?)

March 2023


December 2022


  • The first visual Journey: on the Skypath

November 2022


  • Revamp main page code to be mobile friendly and maintainable
  • Update links page, with people I know
  • Remove Google Fonts from homepage area
  • Links page should not use a table



New content

  • Create an RSS-to-tumblr-and-twitter style thing
  • Do the annual Reading List update
  • Get the Winter King and Winter Witch pages up
  • Put up the new music page
  • themed areas for like the Sanctuary and stuff, as webpages
  • create an archive page where people can download a backup of the site easily.
  • figure out how to get the site backed up on the internet archive

CSS Improvements

  • Create novelty 404 pages
  • Correct header information on every page
  • Remove Google Fonts (sitewide)
  • pretty list bullets
  • Create one of them lil images in the URL bar (but what?)
  • Make Symbol thumbnails for faster loading
  • Landcraft landing page is not mobile-friendly and the typography is fugly
  • Maybe learn Git or Rsync or some kind of enjoyable way of keeping my local and uploaded websites in sync.
  • i already dislike the Commonplace Book area design
  • figure out where in the gallery the images and the data is stored, to judge if it's worthwhile adding image descriptions - or if they won't be preserved longterm