Some Devotional Writing

Of the Sun

The Sun representing knowledge and power; times of dawn and dusk representing knowledge which is hidden, doubtful, unsettling, uncertain. The dark represents the unknown, and the unknowable.

Therefore all four times of day are times of power for the witch.

And all seasons of the year are times of power for the witch, as it represents that cycle in macrocosm.

One powerful aligning practice is to salute the four-quartered sun: hailing the sun as it rises, at the height of the day, as it sets, and then at the point of midnight, reflecting on these four types of power, and letting the sun’s energy at those four times fill us. The Sun has ever been a friend to man, and we are most apt to find things beneficial and allied to peace and prosperity there.

Of the Moon

The Moon reflects the sun’s light, and it is the symbol of witches because it represents knowledge used and channelled. Furthermore, the Moon waxes and wanes, reminding us of how all things exist in cycles and spectrums of power, of rising and falling, waxing and waning, more and less. We can salute the Moon in the same way as we do the sun, across the span of a month - and this helps teach us that occult gnosis and wisdom comes slower than the direct, mortal power granted by the sun.

The Moon is like the witch: it passes through the darkness, and unknown things, bright with the light of knowledge. We know things mortals are not meant to know. We converse with things mortals are not meant to acknowledge. Like the Moon, we travel literally or figuratively through hidden books and crafts and hard-to-get-to realms, bright with our knowledge and power. The Moon is the sun's strange mirror.

The moons four phases mirror the four times of day and four times of year, and we can use these correspondences in combination depending on our goal. Under the White Moon, the coven fly abroad, and all witches are welcome to join the dance; under the Black Moon, the witch gods come in secret to your call. Under the moon, all things are its opposite - when the two moons pass each other, we often see twinned powers waxing as the other wanes.

When we light a candle, it signals our access to knowledge, our openness to be enlightened, and readiness to use it. It’s like a little sun - or a little moon - held in our hand.

This is the symbolism of the candle, the moon, and the sun.