Ritual Tools

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Magic does not need ritual tools, of course, but having them

The Wand

Linked to a sceptre of office in history, a symbol of your power and control. Used in ritual to direct energy, and for casting spells. Can be replaced with a wizard's staff or druid's stave - or, in a pinch, a stick, chopstick or biro. Famous people to carry a wand include Circe, the caduceus of Hermes, traditional ballads like Alison Gross, and Gandalf's staff. In greek mythology, the caduces was also a sign of peace used to settle disputes - not just a symbol of power, but power used wisely and with care.

Wands should be straight, and if possible, heavy - to remind you of the weight of what we do, and because I've worked with light wands and they really lack oomph. Use wands of plain metal or crystal when you want to feel like you've stuck your fingers in a socket; and wands of wood when working with creatures of the earth or more subtle energies. Wands can be decorated - this makes them stronger for certain works, but weaker as a generic wand. The cauldron Combination

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