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Stuff my bibliography program spat out that are yet to be organised. I just need to get at least one version of this list released, and that means not getting endlessly stuck on how to handle these entries; and so lo! they are here, and they are scruffy, and i Do Not Care.

Collected works of Violet Paget (1856 -1935) - Violet Paget

Book | Unread; a name to follow up

Fairy Tales PLACEHOLDER () -

Book | For changeling: snow white, sleeping beauty,


Book |


Book | 1993 book Wilderness Ethics, Laura and Guy Waterman Are Backwoods Beats Really Harmless? - Chuck Thompson > paywalled Digital Labour and Karl Marx by Christian Fuchs and Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier

Rune Soup on Tolkien () -

Booklet |

Works of Cecil Sharp () -

Book |,_Cecil

PLACEHOLDER () - Margot Adler

Book | TV’s The Animals of Farthing Wood (1993-95) as well as in more edgy rural films such as Andrew Grieve’s On the Black Hill (1987) and Andrew Kötting’s This Filthy Earth (2001). Even in the recent spate of brutal countryside films, including Guy Myhill’s The Goob (2014), Hope Dickson Leach’s The Levelling (2016) and Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country (2017), the portrayal of landscape has a lot in common with Watership Down. But with its wealth of mud and blood, surprisingly it’s Rosen’s film that’s the most visceral. This attitude to the landscape had some cinematic precursors – Philip Trevelyan’s The Moon and the Sledgehammer (1971) and David Gladwell’s Requiem for a Village (1975)

Spiritwalk () - Charles de Lint

Book |


Book | Gardener. The Cochrane. the Druids. Adler. Farrars. () -

Film |

Julian Cope Samplers () -

Album | check out

PLACEHOLDER modern antiquarian website () -

Book |

Collected works of Violet Paget (1856 -1935) - Violet Paget

Book | Unread; a name to follow up

Watership Down: “Take Me With You, Stream, On Your Dark Journey” (2015) - Gerard Jones


Article | Personal review

More Handmaid’s Tale than Peter Rabbit – Why Watership Down remains a terrifying vision of the land – BFI (2018) - Adam Scovell

Article | Good writeup on this beautiful strange film and haunted generation vibes; and has recommendations for more reading

The Warren Is Empty: Watership Down at 40 () -

Article |

Cottingly Fairies PLACEHOLDER () -

Book |


Book |