Reading List

My work on Fencraft is underpinned by almost constant reading, viewing, and ferreting out of resources. We're trying to build a tradition here, and part of that is a shared culture. When you become a Christian, you have a Bible; as well as a deep heritage of songs, commentaries and spiritual images to suit all texts. I believe that such a legacy is essential to feel that one is immersed in a spiritual worldview and a spiritual community. My Reading List provides mystical insights, as well as pleasure, new ideas, and the conviction that I am part of something that endures.

I recommend wholeheartedly that you start a Reading List of your own; and then, in future, perhaps we will meet and you can share with me what of the Landweird you have uncovered. I use JabRef to manage mine, and then export it to html; and it tracks things to-read as well as things I've read. The Fencraft discord hosts book discussions and is a good place to share your reading.

Star ratings are not how good the text is or how much I like it; instead, it's "how relevant is it to Pagan readers?" There's also a ✪ to denote the very best of what I've found, things I would encourage everyone to read.

Last updated: 19/11/2021