Fencraft is a newly-founded Pagan path - combining traditional witchcraft, land-trance animism, and pop-culture mysteries drawn from the folklore of the British Isles

Welcome, friend! The website is undergoing a bit of a polish up, and so here's my placeholder index while I polish the cauldrons, de-cobweb the brooms, and get the site ready for its next phase.

All new updates are at the new site, and you can see whats being added as I go at the Changelog

The New Site

My heart is with the oldweb, so I am slowly building up the Final Home Of The Fen on neocities. Newer pages will be added here

The Old Site

2017-2018, this was the first space I started roughing out my ideas. A lot of people seem really fond of it, so I've decided to leave it untouched (more or less) as an archive; and tbh, I find a lot of my own writing on that site is a lot more vivid and compelling than things I've written since. I guess it's landweirdier: there's more gaps.

The Handbook

Written post-2018, my wordpress is designated as a kind of "guidebook" to the parts of the mythos that have been solid and functioning for +1 year. I suppose it's a kind of book: god profiles, domain descriptions, and a formal, educational style. And yeah, I do keep thinking "maybe i should redo all this as a neocity", like a fool.

My Dreamwidth

Personal blogging but mostly pagan content; ideas I'm experimenting with and trying out; plus intermittent trangst and povertyblogging and paranoia about the impossibility of safe social communities

Community Discord

In future, I hope to build a little community (it's hard to be a witch alone); for now, we have a very empty discord (if you join, ping me so I know you're there). There's no real need or requirement to "become an initiate"; you can just pick up my notes and run with them; but sometimes doing things together is nice. You're not a "tradition" until what you do has been passed on through three generations; it's something to aspire to.

The Astercote Herald

I watch a lot of film and television, and sometimes my thoughts fit better on a movie blog than on a pagan one. Folk horror, children's weird, strange stuff from the 70s


My playlists are currently, imperfectly, hosted on youtube

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